The Connecticut State Police Academy Alumni Association was formed at an organizational meeting called by Major Carroll E. Shaw on January 27, 1972 at Yale University. Major Shaw had recently retired as Deputy State Fire Marshal and had been appointed the first fire marshal of the university. On October 22, 1974, the association was incorporated.

Original bylaws restricted membership to any graduate of the State Police Academy who was either active, retired or had resigned in good standing regardless of length of service.

Upon recommendation of charter members, bylaws were amended at the 1982 annual meeting to include civilian personnel as associate members, provided they were employed by the department for at least ten years and met the same criteria as regular members.

Associate members are granted the same privileges as regular members except the right to vote or hold office.

In 1975, the CSPAAA Constitution and Bylaws were amended to include the office of Quartermaster and, in 1990, the office of Recording Secretary, both to be appointed by the President.

In 1995, bylaws were again revised to admit auxiliary troopers who have or had at least ten years of continuous service in good standing as associate members.

In 2001, bylaws were amended to allow individuals who have been employees of the Connecticut State Police for at least five (5) years to become become Associate Members following recommendation by the Membership Committee.

All members are subject to $15.00 dues, payable annually on July 1.

The association meets on the third Thursday of each month, except during December and January, at 7:00 p.m. at the academy in Meriden unless otherwise noted. Election of officers and changes in bylaws, if any, are to be made at the annual meeting in May. Social events are scheduled in addition to or in conjunction with regular meetings. Meetings are the third Saturday of each month with some exceptions. Elections of officers and/or changes to by laws occur in the spring.

Each year, the CSPAAA also awards a graduating member of the Connecticut State Police Academy with the commemorative Alumni Award.